Return to Romance Music Festival

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Return to Romance Music Festival

The music festival and Return to Romance Music Festival 2007 are holding it from March 1 to the 10th.

The orchestra to which the Grammy nomination conductor leads Mattocatingab (Matt Catingub), the music guest from an American mainland, and the artist in Hawaii participate, and it is a Waikiki shell and 2 with romantic music as a theme. The concert is held in Lbrazdelarena and the Hawaii theater.

The Natalie call participates from the main land (American mainland) though it is an anxious guest and a lot of Keariirashel and Brazarzcagemero, etc. participate as an artist in Hawaii.

The schedule is as follows.

Thursday, March 1:Opening ceremony(Iorani palace and free of charge)
Friday 2nd and Monday 5th in March:Romantic jazz(Zacaharahotel &
Saturday, March 3: M Eimehanaiarii(Iorani palace)
Sunday, March 4:Smooth romance(Zacaharahotelrizort)
?8 day (Thursday) on Tuesday, March 6: Mostoromanticcsong(Hawaii
Friday, March 9:Ritarnturomans(Waikiki shell)
Saturday, March 10:Rizmuobromans(arena of Dell Blades)

Charge: $45.00?$75.00
Inquiries: (808)545-7664

Matt Catingub Orchestra of Hawaii Presents
Return to Romance concert festival