Limitation of trust luggage (suitcase etc.)

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Limitation of trust luggage (suitcase etc.)

The sticker was found being done to the counter of Northwest Airlines in the Honolulu airport. The content is for the limitation of the trust luggage (suitcase etc.) from March 15.


NO CHANGE($252.00)

In a word, even 45Kg is when the weight of luggage is within 32Kg of about 23Kg or more (The luggage within 22.5Kg are entrusted up to two a person free of charge as well as the current) $50.00 and 32.5Kg or more like what of saying of $252.00 according to present that it will get the charge surplus as for one piece of luggage.

These guides become regulations of the economy class use in the Pacific Ocean route (between Japan and Hawaii). It differs depending on the route, and confirm the question and details to Northwest Airlines, please.

Everybody, and luggage distributes well, and so as not to hang, devises the charge surplus (However, it is high).

The E911 emergency call became possible from all cellular phones in Oahu.

As a result, it came to be able to understand 911 report (emergency call) person's position and telephone number immediately. The emergency call from the cellular phone previously pushes E ahead of usual 911 and pushes 911(E911).

When the emergency is generated, it is seem useful very much service.