St.Ptrick's Day

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St.Ptrick's Day

It was St.Ptrick 's Day on Saturday, March 17.

Incidently, it was DFS Gararia, it complained, there was a commotion last year, and having gone
this way and that was this Sentopatoriccsdei.

The customer who arrived from Japan was invited outside because it criticized temporarily from the tour desk in DFS Gararia, and the parade was guided in the leer.

It misses it the floatage .

And, diary in the homepage of tour conductor dot com and "Waikiki of today" started on this day. When I of a capricious character was often continued here, I am surprised oneself.

It is not allowed to lack for one year. (?!)For everybody who read the diary, it is full of the thanks gratitude. Thank you really.

My best regards because it is continued to be going to hold out in the future

The Hocrea title safely arrived at coral reef island "Satawal" in Yap state of Federated States of Micronesia last Thursday (March 15). Canoe for seagoing that had been navigated with the Hocrea title and "Aringanomais title" were presented to Maupiilg who handed down the navigation technology of ancient Polynesia that had been broken off in Hawaii.

It will pray that safe navigation continue in the future though it is Hocrea title
that is more advanced aiming at Japan.