St. Patrick's Day at Aloha Tower Market Place

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St. Patrick's Day at Aloha Tower Market Place

March 17 is St. Patrick 's Day. The missionary and St. Patrick that introduces the Christianity to Ireland are praised ago (In about the fifth century) in about 1600 now and the festival is held as a day when spring is celebrated in various places now.

Green and the clover are symbols of the festival, and the green one has not been acquired on this day and there is a unique custom named in Ireland, too. The event connected to Sentopatoriccsdei is held also in here Hawaii.

Held Honollsentopatoriccsdaparad ..12:00.. starts in Waikiki. Marching band, a bagpipe, and Irish people march making the long parade.

In Downtown, the block party is held around the aloha tower marketplace and the Irish pub 'Marfezgril & bar'.

Honolulu St. Ptrick Day Parade
Inquiries: (808)383-4481

Aloha Tower Market Place Block Party
Time: 16:00?20:00
Inquiries: (808)566-2337

Aloha Tower Market Place Special EventsAloha Tower Marketplace St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Mini block party of 'Murphy's Grill & Bar' sponsoring of Irish pub
Time: 17:30 ~ 23:30
Place: 2 Merchant St., Honolulu, HI 96813
Inquiries: (808)531-0422

Murphy's Grill & BarWelcome to Murphy's