Work like tour conductor

Only the travel experts know the ultimate airfare is always at eBay.
Work like tour conductor

"Can it be work like the tour conductor?"

To the question to the boss

"What is work like the tour conductor?"

With me.

¢The tour conductor is only five people and is insufficient though is six the bus used though the group tour from Japan. It doesn't go to the bus only by the customer because it puts it because there is a guide. £

¢Please leave it Muff. will No' 'Like tour conductor it, and 'Tour conductor' £

"Can you do though do attend from the airport and do the quick tour to Waikiki?"

¢Of course. Do you forget?! I am a former tour conductor. !£

I from whom snorting gets rough and turns over and got Cotae

The customer is invited in the airport of early morning do on business as a tour conductor after a long time though it was only attend of several hours?It was happy.

Where tour conductor spirit that had been forgotten was filled with sense of mission "The customer is not piled up" . Meramera and blazing up momentarily at the time of get onto a bus and gripped the mike.

It was a day that I had actually felt that it liked work of tour conductor
after all.